Welcome to the Gender and Leadership Community of Practice (GLCoP)

For the ATTSVE Gender and Leadership Community of Practice, our community of learners includes people from each of the  ATVETs in Maichew, Nedjo, Wolaito Sodo and Woreta as well trainers from McGill,  staff from the in-country ATTSVE office and individuals who have contributed their expertise along the way. Primarily through gender training, the GLCoP comes together to co-construct a complex understanding of gender including issues like sexual violence, gender mainstreaming and leadership.


The first meeting of the GLCoP at Jimma University in April 2015.


The second meeting of the GLCoP in Woreta, Ethiopia in February, 2016

This Community of Practice is a component of the ATTSVE Project, Agricultural Transformation Through Stronger Vocational Education.

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